A brief commentary on watches: IWC's new generation Aquatimer, with its accuracy, reliability, complexity and numerous technical improvements, once again demonstrates Schaffhausen's determination to take the lead in the mechanical watchmaking industry. This watch has a water resistance of 120 meters, and it also has the functions of chronograph, week and date.

?Through the sapphire crystal glass back of the watch, you can see the internal self-winding mechanical movement, and the oscillating weight is also engraved with the brand logo 'Phi', a symbol of 'golden section'.

Recently, the British 'Daily Telegraph' published a report called 'Why Classic Watches Are the Most Fashionable Way to Show Time', PipDurell, jewelry and watch editor of Shangliu, commented, '... .. In times of economic uncertainty, we often see a shift from fashion trends to tradition and utility.'

This Montblanc watch has a limited edition of 238 pieces and symbolizes the Cape Point lighthouse, which is built at the Cape of Good Hope and has an accurate height of 238 meters from sea level. This lighthouse was an important signpost for the first voyage of Vasco da Gama at the end of November 1497 , Is also an obvious landmark in the Indian route.

Named after the famous 'Bentley Boy' member Barnato (Barnato), the design style is full of racing elements, passed the Swiss official observatory certification (COSC), and equipped with an exclusive '30 seconds chronograph hand'.

Keira and Clotilde have a good understanding. They didn't know each other before the shooting, but during the shooting, the two of them were so good. 'The tacit agreement between Clotilde and Keira is the magic of this movie,' Karl Lagerfeld praised. 'It was very smooth from the beginning. The two of them are really close.'

The 66th Berlin International Film Festival came to an end. As one of the three major international film festivals in the world, Berlin has attracted the attention of filmmakers and fans all over the world with its focus on the meaning and strength of the film.

The history of Audemars Piguet's manufacture of skeletonized timepieces began in the 1920s with the intention of maximizing the structural beauty of mechanical movements. This hollow-out engraved watch made in 1963 uses a wide bezel design, engraved hour markers and texture polished decoration, reflecting Audemars Piguet's profound and complex craftsmanship.

Humberton of the United States is connected by sea and sky, lingering on and off. The celebrity  Humberton series watches are inspired by this. Like a special gift for a loved one, it combines a casual style with the best craftsmanship. The Humberton series perfectly reflects the seaside life and the relaxed and elegant life style. Containing the spirit of Humberton, this series of watches combines tradition and modernity, and this is precisely what everyone demands for realism. Whether it's a men's watch or a women's watch, from exquisite design to lasting beauty, the Humberton series exudes a charming  atmosphere.

According to buywatches, on October 1, 2013, the famous high-end watch brand Breguet teamed up with Christie Auction House to hold a grand exhibition. This exhibition is based on the theme of dialogue with art. This magnificent exhibition event also attracted countless guests Attend with kindness.

In 2017, the newly published cover of Time  magazine in the United States printed the issue of 'America Won', and a message was published on one page, saying that on October 26, the Forex auction house took a picture in New York. Only the sky-high price list set a new record auction record of 17.7525 million US dollars (about 120 million yuan). This Rolex Daytona chronograph cheap designer watches replica from the 1960s belonged to movie star Paul Newman.

Combining the watch with the city is nothing new. In the prosperous period of traditional enamel painting, the city is an important portrayal theme. In the contemporary era, many cities still enjoy the city as an inspiration for watch design. Historical cities, tourist resorts, the birthplace of the brand... These cities may have special commemorative significance to the brand, or give the brand unlimited inspiration. The watch is more interesting through the embellishment of the city picture, and watch fans also feel the city style through the watch up close. This is a perfect encounter between the city and the watch.

When people come to the vast wilderness, or for people who have been working in the wild for a long time, wear a moon phase watch, no matter the weather is cloudy and the moon is missing, you can always understand the changes of the celestial body, and infer the date process of the lunar calendar from the moon phase. Has a practical effect.